The new Normal
Set in New York, London and Porto Alegre, this powerful and factual interweaving drama follows three people from vastly different backgrounds as their lives are impacted by political failure to respond to the global Coronovirus COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020.
El Ultimo Beso 
(The Last Kiss)
The morning after a night of passion.
Parallel Lives
An opposing vision of the value system in the modern world. "Parallel Lives" addresses the issue of just how distorted our values and priorities are in the 21st Century. The film is a utopian vision of how the world could and should perhaps be. In doing so, it questions our approach to inequality.
Full Circle
What goes around comes around.

Two men return to Italy after a 25 year absence to search for the daughter one of them may have fathered. What starts as two lonely, bitter, middle-aged men's race against time in quest of selfish desire, becomes a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment when they are forced to confront their past. 

A Quiet Day
(Une Journee Tranquille)
A day in the life of a mysterious man. 
L'autre Femme
(The Other Woman)
Jealousy turns to obsession in this French language film noir.
Part Time Lover
A tale of retritbution for a recless lothario.
Part Time Lover

The Journey so far...